M E S S I A H: AWAKENINGS   The breathtaking new book from Ron James


MESSIAH: Awakenings - By Ron James

In an age of great turmoil, on a Los Angeles night in December,
a mysterious light in the sky heralds the arrival of a teacher the world has known before.

In an age of great deception... an elite global cabal executes an insidious plan to engineer an Apocalypse and enslave the remnants of humanity.

As the truth of the Universe is revealed, some will stop at nothing to keep it hidden forever.

Buried in a fast-paced, constantly surprising story lie evolved spiritual truths and shocking revelations behind the world's most horrifying conspiracies.

In the final culmination of a worldwide battle for hearts and minds, the very nature of reality is a new character in the story of Humanity’s fate.



Nurse Mary Bettencourt is adrift between her own pain and her empathy for a deteriorating world. She finds peace and a quiet sense of familiarity in a room where a mysterious coma patient is running out of time.

Mark Morris is a restless writer for the LA Times. His methodical life is shattered by an early morning phone call and sudden memories of a distant time and place.

Seth Collins is the delusional leader of a small group of powerful elite. They will settle for nothing less than total control over a tattered and subdued humanity. They are executing an elaborate illusion as prophecies of Armageddon appear to unfold.

Genetically engineered plagues, targeted earthquakes and man-made famines are only the beginning.

Mohammed Assad is a warrior who is forced to put aside his own hatred and accept the role of a peace broker. His rage struggles against an inner faith that his own agenda will be served by playing along with his handlers.

Assad will deliver a miracle so incredible that the world’s people will fall to their knees.

On Christmas Eve, over Los Angeles California, a mysterious blue light in the sky heralds the awakening of a powerful messenger.

Across the world, in regions decimated by tragedy, a small group of men are visited in their dreams by Jesus. They remember following him before. In their epiphanies, they know it begins again.

Will technology and deceit lead humanity to its ultimate enslavement?

Or can one mysterious teacher, armed with a profound truth and unearthly powers, turn the tide?

Within expansive stories of deeper despair and higher purpose, secrets of the universe are revealed.

Some will stop at nothing to keep them hidden forever.

"Messiah: Awakenings” is the first of a two-part series.

It breathes with the tension of a classic thriller, peppered with uncanny spiritual insights that will leave you questioning the very nature of reality.

"Messiah - Awakenings” will send chills through your entire being. Experience wonder, moments of fright and a sense of anticipation that only an impending miracle can command.

"Messiah: Paradox" is the second part of the series and releases on Easter Sunday 2015

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